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January 14,2010
Review of SENuke 7 day trial.

I've downloaded hundreds of software packages, and like you, I've been disappointed by most. SeNuke was different -- way different. Not only was it easy to use, but it did AMAZING things, saving me literally hundreds of hours a month doing what I had been doing manually to increase my search engine rank.

Unlike other similar software that promised 'instant results on Google' and other ridiculous claims, SeNuke didn't use blackhat techniques to just post a million links that will be instantly deleted and eventually get you kicked off the search engines ... it actually helped you produce QUALITY links, just 100x faster than you could do it before.

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January 10, 2010

We've researched the top-paying Google Adsense terms. Learn how these can pay you or cost you!

December 5, 2009

Besthostnet teams with three computer professionals to develop the get rich experiment, a one-year project in which three technically savvy people and one stay-at-home mom try numerous 'get rich quick' schemes and online money-making opportunities to discover which ones are legit and which ones are scams... and ultimately to become rich from it!

follow the experiment.

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A Brief Introduction
Our Mission

BestHostNet was founded in 2005 with the ideal of creating a better Internet, providing web deveolopers, internet marketers and web customers access to information on all things online. We strive to be a one stop resource for building and maintaing a quality website, with reviews, tips and recommendations from domain shopping to website hosting, search engine optimization and internet marketing.

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BestHostNet is designed to be a completely free resource for anybody interested in creating their own webite, internet business or just wanting a more quality internet experience.

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Creating Quality Websites

For those of you just starting out in the online business, putting up a personal page or one for a small business can be a fun or frustrating project. It can be as easy or difficult as you'd like.

We'll start off with some tips for complete beginners.

The first step in creating a working website is to decide what kind of site you'd like. Are you creating a blog (derived from 'web log,' a sort of online diary), a personal page to introduce yourself to the world, or a small business? If it's a business, are you selling a product from the site, or is it just informational?

The easiest to set up is a blog. Many sites,

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About SEO

Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, can be difficult as it is a constantly evolving art, and what worked yesterday may not work today. According to Wikipedia: The acronym "SEO" can refer to "search engine optimizers," a term adopted by an industry of consultants who carry out optimization projects on behalf of clients and by employees who perform SEO services in-house.

A quick search on Google will find nearly 200 MILLION sites containing the term SEO and over 207 million for 'search engine optimization'. Clearly, this is a popular subject, and companies around the world are jockeying for position for their favorite keywords.

Some companies employ entire departments dedicated to increasing their internet traffic, others hire companies to do it for them, and some take on the daunting task themselves. There are literally THOUSANDS of individuals and companies that claim to be search engine optimization specialists, but the vast majority of them are merely scams or using antiquated methods to increase rank in the search engines.

With this in mind, it is important to do proper research. Some things to look out for:

* anybody claiming to get you to the first page of Google in 30 minutes. True search engine optimization takes TIME. There is no way to get to the top of the rankings that quickly, unless you count paying exhorbitant amounts for ads, that aren't part of the actual search results at all.

* anybody guaranteeing you the #1 position on Google for any particular keyword. There is no way to guarantee the top spot, as every company in the world is vying for it. This scam is often accomplished by getting a website to the top of the ranking for a search term that's NEVER SEARCHED FOR. If your company is named 'whozitwhatzit whatchamacallits' and you sell car parts then your website should be the #1 result for the search term 'whozitwhatzit whatchamacallits' but so what? Nobody will search for it... no need to focus on car part-related keywords.

* they let you tell them what keywords to optimize for. A true professional will research the best keywords for you, and optimize for those. Probably the most common mistake website owners make is spending all their resources going after the wrong keywords. Example; Joe's Shoes is a small shoe store, in Hoboken, NJ who wants to get more customers. He naturally wants to go after the term "shoes" but finds that there's a ton of competition for that keyword. Optimizing for "shoes" will end up being a slow and painful process that probably won't get him in the top 5 pages without spending many thousands of dollars. However, professionals could find a niche... "shoe store Hoboken, NJ" would be a nice, targeted search term to optimize for, and possibly "buy shoes Hoboken" and "cheap shoes Hoboken" or "designer shoes in Hoboken" would be phrases that could get them to the top of the rankings. The volume of searches will be much less than "shoes," but it is the customer that the company is looking for.

Before you pay anybody to optimize your website for Google or other search engines, make sure you do your homework. More importantly, make sure they do theirs. Let them talk about what they can offer, and see if they paint themselves into a corner with any of the above scenarios. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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